YouTube is an endless sea of content. No matter how you feel or what you want, there is always something on YouTube that will match your need. If, like us, you like hilarious content, here is a very short list of videos that will make you laugh so hard.

1. This make-up fail that teaches you what to look out for in a make-up artist.

Dimma Umeh took the fall so you don’t have to. We wrote a thing about 7 Types Of Make-Up Artists To Avoid, but this YouTube video by Dimma Umeh is a great place to start. YouTube keeps saving the day. Click here to watch more funny make-up videos.

2. Are you interested in hilarious melodramatic acting from 2010s Nollywood? This one will have you in stitches.

This film is as hilarious as you can imagine. We wrote a review of it here. There’s a lot more hilarious Nollywood Videos on YouTube. From BlackBerry Babes, to Beyonce and Rihanna to White Hunters, YouTube stocks them all.

3. Looking to learn something about house hunting? This one will teach you and entertain you at the same time.

House hunting is the literal ghetto. But who says you can’t laugh while learning serious lessons? YouTube has just the right stack of laugh out loud videos. Click here to get plugged in.

4. Have you ever been scammed by online vendors? Grab a glass of wine and come and laugh at relatable videos.

Here’s what Dimma Umeh said about one of the wigs, “It’s so synthetic that if you walk past fire, the wig will call out to the fire by itself.”

There’s a lot more “What I Ordered vs What I Got” videos.

5. “FUNKEEE!!”

If you have ever wondered where that line came from, here you go. That video is living proof that you should never try pranking a Nigerian parent if you want to live to tell the story.

If pranking videos are your thing, here’s the rabbit hole to fall into.

6. Feeling lazy and in need of serious wealth and pampering during this hectic 2020? Elsa Majimbo has just what you need.

Person: What have you gained during quarantine?

Elsa: Weight. I’ve gained weight.

That’s how you know Elsa is our very own African sister. You can never get tired of her hilarious videos.

7. Do you know Madam Theresa from Abagana?

No need to hide your face in shame if you don’t. Her lit videos always highlight a boring day. Need someone to serenade you with English and Igbo that flows as smooth as silk? Madam Theresa’s videos are there for you.

And if you want more hilarious comic videos, YouTube keeps serving.

On YouTube, there’s always  #MoreForYou. Anything you want and anytime you want it. Na you go tire. Literally.

If you are student who depends on YouTube just like every one of us, you will relate to this one:

7 Reasons Why YouTube Is Greater Than Your University Lecturer



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