Growing up in a Nigerian household in the 2000s, one could hardly miss or be oblivious of Nollywood comedy films that had Mr Ibu, born John Okafor, in it.

Mr Ibu, known for immersing in rib-bending and over-exaggerated movie roles and characters, has established himself as one of the funniest men in Nollywood. His four decades career have brought some of the funniest local films and moments which have even influenced the Nigerian meme culture.

The celebrated thespian turned 62 on October 17th, and it was mixed feelings to see him celebrate the special occasion  in the hospital. It was hearty to see his family members surround him though. While I wish him a quick recovery, these moments he delighted me on the TV crossed my mind.

Mr. Ibu (2004)

It’s funny scenes from the beginning of this film till its end.

The father-son relationship between Mr Ibu and Paw Paw (Osita Iheme) are memorable. They lived like cat and mouse on most days. It was so intense that MrIbu wrapped his son up and presented him as a wedding gift to a relative. 

This film also gave us the popular Paw Paw’s “Biggie, biggie” rap lines. In my opinion, this film is a Nollywood classic.

Mr. Ibu In London (2004)

Mr Ibu entered the UK, ignorant AF. After roaming London without bearing and sleeping on the streets for five days, he came across an old friend who housed him for months.

In his naivety, Mr Ibu saw an aquarium and called the Oscar albino inside it a shark. He saw a house furnace and almost poured a bucket of water inside it due to his fear that it’d burn down the house. One time MrIbu was on a rotating bed, he thought his village people were operating it from under. LMAO. Every time Mr Ibu experienced something for the first time, it was an unforgettable, funny moment.

Parish Priest (2006)

In this movie, Mr Ibu plays the troublesome and drunkard son of Sam Loco Efe. The film became funnier when Mr Ibu insisted he should be the one to attend the seminary and become a Reverend Father, instead of his younger brother who actually showed interest.

He was unhinged when he eventually got admission into the seminary. There’s no single rule in the parish he didn’t break. The memorable one was surrendering to konji.

A Fool at 40 (2006)

Kulikuli (Mr Ibu) and his friend, Hygenius (Nkem Owoh) are men in their late 30s parading themselves as the village youths. Without any good thing to contribute to themselves or their community, they peaked into their forties, fooling around the village.

Mr. Ibu Goes to School (2005)

Instead of attending an adult school, a  village “egbon adugbo” named John Bull decided to go back to secondary school. Despite being the biggest dullard in class, John Bull was made a school prefect.  You too see for yourself.

The Great Servant (2007)

After causing the biggest nuisance with his friends in their village, Omalu (Mr Ibu), on a paper chase, went to Lagos to be a house help. But he didn’t last long there. He went back to his village to become a fake prophet and duped unsuspecting people.

Maybe the victims deserve it too, since everyone knew he was only a troublemaker.

Overheat (2006)

Mr Ibu shined alongside Charles Inojie in this film that explored family issues and poverty. Mr Ibu left his wife in the village to find a job in Lagos. But he got there, no job. Eventually his problems got bigger when he impregnated his city mistress.

Police Recruit (2003)

After joining the Nigerian Police Force as a recruit and becoming an officer, Mr Ibu was stationed at the checkpoints.

With funny actors like Sam Loco and Charles Inojie as his colleagues, it was a pleasure, drinking around and going on an extortion spree.

You haven’t seen the most ridiculous police officers until you see Police Recruit.

Nicodemus (2003)

Ibu is an electric repairer who knew nothing more than unbolting and bolting screws in appliances. No care for his family, no discipline, no work efficiency, or love at home. Nicodemus was just running on vibes.

Bafana Bafana (2007)

Aside from the theme of tribal marriage, this film showed parent rivalry at its peak. At any slight chance, Mr Ibu attacked his son’s father-in-law. One funny scene that’s hard to forget is the one where the two elderly men fought over food and threw morsels at each other. Smh.

Hey, hollup.

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