One thing I noticed after doing some research (read as: watching Big Brother Naija consistently) is that there are different categories of Nigerian men that you’d find in every BBNaija house. These are some of the ones I discovered. 

The lover boy 

Under this umbrella, you have the men who fall in love and develop genuine relationships. Then there are the ones who don’t like themselves and go after women that clearly don’t rate them, e.g. Ozo, Frodd and Saga. These ones lose all their focus and even forget about the game they came into the house to play. This last part describes Sheggz too. From the way he’s behaving, he has definitely lost focus. 

The gym buffs

Every chance they get, they’re working out — morning, afternoon and night. I don’t know which war they’re preparing for, but they need to let us know on time, please. When it comes to tasks that involve physical strength, this is where they shine.Tobi Bakre and Saga, I hail you people o

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These ones came all the way from obodo oyinbo to win ₦100m. Coincidentally, a lot of them happen to come from England. I wonder what’s happening in Queen in Elizabeth’s land that’s pursuing these IJGBs back home for money. And they never fail to remind us that they live abroad. Any slight chance they get, they’re talking about their lives in the abroad or talking about their Western achievements or how rich they are. 

The playboys

The ones who come to win money and break hearts. Almost all the women in the house want them. This year, Groovy is the one taking the crown. One babe even got disqualified because of him. King shit.

The foodies 

The foodies just enter the house and eat every second of the day, as if they were starving before they entered the house. That’s how Brighto constantly made semo at night, and Eric buried his face in Indomie. Leave food and focus on what you came to do, pls. 

The married ones 

People always ask why married men go on the show, and my question is, married men no go chop? Being married and in the house works for you if you’re faithful and exciting. Collect past questions from Mike abeg. 

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The ones who have suffered 

They’re the ones who have carried the world on their back and suffered the most. Their strategy to win? Trenches and suffer head Olympics. 

The “I’m too big for this house”

These people always talk about how they don’t belong in the house with the rest of the “paupers”. Any small thing, you’ll be hearing “I don’t need the money. Do you know who I am outside of the house?” Sorry o, ominirichest of them all. Every time they’re always talking about how their fathers or great grandfathers own half of the country. Oya now, wetin carry you come?

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