This Is For Every Nigerian Struggling To Grow A Beard

January 28, 2020
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Beards are a big deal, and every boy, right before they hit puberty looks forward to the life-changing moment when they will grow a beard. Unfortunately, not everyone records success in this area. If you’re one of these people, this is for you.

You, every time you see someone with a fully-formed beard

I Hate You Jb Smoove GIF

God, I see what you’re doing for others.

What you look like when you take pictures with your bearded friends

Image result for black toddler

It sucks to be the man-child.

When a girl you like won’t stop gushing about men with beards


This is how you get your heart broken.

How people tease you because of your boy-face

 people without beard

God! The disrespect

You, weed and methylated spirit

Image result for Jacob zuma fingers together

Time to put my destiny in my hand and apply it to my chin

When it’s #NoShaveNovember and you realise your life is about to become more miserable

Image result for jide kosoko meme

Time to log off social media

When you notice the first strand of beards growing

hip hop lol GIF by iOne Digital

It’s happening. Hallelujah!

Three years later and it’s hardly grown to a stubble


What is this nonsense?

When your barber shaves off the small beard you’re managing

shaved my beard? are you mad

Are you mad?

When you finally accept that you’re stuck with your boy-face

I cannot kill myself because of beard

You know what? It’s fine. Dangote doesn’t even have facial hair.

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