Just mere hours after an aircraft crashed in Lagos, tragedy struck again. A Nigerian doctor, identified as Dr Vwaere Diaso, lost her life while using an elevator that reportedly crashed from the 10th floor of Lagos Island General Hospital, Odan, yesterday, August 1, 2023. 

She was said to be just two weeks away from completing her housemanship.

Accusations of negligence

Since the news of Dr Vwaere’s passing came to light, multiple Twitter users have complained about the same elevator, claiming it has been faulty and poorly maintained for at least three years. Some also claim that the hospital authorities knew about the elevator’s state but kept making unfulfilled promises to handle it.

Complaints about the elevator from 2020 also surfaced.

It was also revealed that it took about an hour to free Dr Vwaere from the crashed elevator. However, even after she was removed from the crash site, medical care wasn’t immediately administered due to a lack of oxygen, blood and emergency preparedness.

Outrage and demands for justice

On Wednesday, August 2, 2023, some of Dr Vwaere’s colleagues and other concerned individuals took to the streets to demand justice for the late doctor.

The government’s response

As of the time of publication, the Lagos State Government has not made an official statement regarding the tragedy.

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