We are throwing it back to those Home Economics/ Food and Nutrition practicals we did in secondary school. Did you also take part in them?

1. When they ask you to contribute money for practical.

contributing money for Home Economics practicals

We want to prepare fried rice, salad, fruit juice, and cup cake. If you want to have enough, then contribute better money. Everyone should pay N1,000 each.

2. Or they group you and ask you to bring ingredients from home.

Home economics practicals secondary school in Nigeria

Group A will bring rice and fried rice ingredients; Group B, salad ingredients and mayonnaise; Group C, flour and margarine for cake; Group D, eggs and all other cake ingredients.

3. That time when you have to make tablecloth from this material.

floral table cloth material for home economics practicals

It is always floral. Nothing else.

4. And this lace that you will sew on the edges.

It can even be your exam sef. Junior WAEC runs.

5. Who remembers these stitches?

Image result for types of stitches

Because we were all convinced our entire lives would be spent stitching as diligent wives and mothers.

6. Or this skirt that everyone made with one yard of teru fabric and lace.

fabric and skirt for home economics practicals

Did anyone even wear it afterwards sef?

7. After the practical and you people get small portions but the teachers get everything.

small food served in Home economics practicals

Because they are your teachers and there is nothing you can do about it.

8. When your teacher is trying to teach you to cook something they cannot cook.

cooking disaster in home economics practicals

But it comes out wrong so they blame it on you for not washing your hands well before the practical.

9. You, regretting all the practicals you have wasted your money on.

Make I hear say they wan do another practical. If I join them I should bend.

10. But you like food, so when they say it’s time to contribute money for another practical, you are the first to pay money.

home economics practicals students cooking jollof rice

Ebi-chukwu, Ebi-ere, Ebi-nna, For Food Only.

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