Since we’re still on the subject of Valentine’s Day, if you’re still out looking for the LOYL or anyone to spend the day with, draw your inspiration from these seven Nigerian meals. 

Addmie is rice’s bae 

Jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice, egg fried rice, you name it. Forget the hype about plantain or beans, rice’s perfect mate is well-seasoned mixed vegetables with Addmie-seasoned protein. 

Addmie weds fried eggs

Nothing speaks Naija breakfast like a plate of fried eggs or egg sauce with yam or plantain. But guess what, Addmie takes your eggs to new levels with its blend of carrot, green pepper and spring onions. Once you taste a serving made with Addmie, you’ll never go back.

Pasta on an Addmie date 

Macaroni, fettuccine or creamy pasta, Addmie will enhance any pasta dish. So if you want a special date night with bae, you can bring the high-end restaurant energy to your house when you prepare your pasta with Addmie seasoning. 

Addmie with Beans and Plantain

Only haters will look at beans and suggest any other partner but the deep-fried, soft and squishy dodo. But have you tried to throw Addmie into the mix. You’ll be convinced the trio inspired the term “foodgasm”. 

Addmie and noodles 

Cinderella and her Prince Charming, but make it food. Like how many people tried the glass shoe but it only fit Cinderella, nothing screams “Perfect!” like tasty noodles by Addmie. This combo will motivate you to find someone who’ll complement you just as well. 

Stews and sauces meet Addmie

Stew is a must-make in every kitchen. Whether it’s red stew, palm oil stew or Chinese or curry sauce, Addmie is the game changer needed to complete the mix. The perfect love match made in heaven. 

The final touch

We know Valentine’s Day is about love and your perfect mate. But you don’t have to settle for  boring and unhappy when you can cook up the perfect combos. If you’re worried about cooking prep time, it’s because you’re forming coconut head and won’t let Addmie take your stress away. 

Let Addmie give you the vegetables, protein and seasoning you need to make your MATE complete.  



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