Okada ban in Lagos

With the recent Okada ban in Lagos, it’s clear that a lot of people are about to experience a new wave of discomfort in their commute. If the reactions pouring out of Twitter are to be believed, thousands of people had to trust their legs to get them to work or wherever they needed to be.

However, in the usual Nigerian fashion, hilarious reactions are trailing the state government‘s horrendous decision-making. Here’s a couple of things to laugh at.

WAKAnda forever

Your legs will take you further.

The government out here trying to make everyone look homeless

At least, we’ve started asking important questions

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that.

New wheels. Wu dis?

Wheels you can actually afford.

From the ghetto to medieval times

Not sure this was what Lil Nas X had in mind when he did that song, but oh well.

But what were you doing at home at 6 AM?

Are you even taking this seriously if you don’t leave your house as early as 4 AM?

Anyway, no one can blame you if you arrive at work late.

If your boss tries to give you hell, resign. You didn’t see this here, though.

By the way, they said you people should suck it up and stop being fucking cry-babies

Crying at “little discomfort”


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