Many people wade through life with limited financial resources. If you’re looking for a glucose guardian but your friends think that “you’ve arrived”, this is for you.

1. When you splurge on something and they won’t stop talking about how rich you are

You’re thinking about the fact that garri is about to become the most important part of your diet. Your friends, on the other hand, believe you’re swimming in riches. All because you finally bought a piece of expensive jewellery you saved up for months.

2. When they expect you to settle the bill every time you go out

Going out is fun with them until it’s time to pay the bills. That’s when they will want to push it to you. Plis dear, we’re all broke.

3. When they refuse to return the money you borrow them

The moment you send the money is the last time you will see it. Ask them to pay up and they will mumble something about how you don’t even need it.

4. When they become passive-aggressive every time you don’t borrow them money

Again, they think you have the money but you just want to be an asshole about it. You expect them to understand that you really can’t help them all the time, but every time you say no, they always think you are out to get them. Wow, the entitlement!

5. They never believe you when you complain about being broke

According to them, you are not broke, you are just too uptight about money. You check your account again wonder where that money you have is.



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