How to Spend the Ultimate Weekend, A Zikoko Guide

March 25, 2019

The weekend is the best time for enjoyment for everyone. It’s the only time you can prove that your life isn’t boring and that the government might as well make you Minister of Enjoyment.

You also have the perfect excuse not to respond to your mail, to sleep in without guilt, go out with your friends, visit family and so much more. If only this blissful time wasn’t so short, you never know how you go from Friday night to Monday morning real quick. 

We’ve made a list of six things to do this weekend that will slow down the weekend and make every second count:

1) Go for a fashion show.

The best way to see the new pepper-dem culture is at a superb fashion show. 

2) Go to a music concert.

Go get serenaded by your favorite artistes. You have our permission to scream yourself hoarse while singing their songs and jumping to the rhythm. Doesn’t matter if you are just chewing your mouth.

3) Go hang out with friends at the beach.

Where else can you commune with nature and feel alive with your friends but the beach? You need to get rid of the week’s stress that mounted on your head and the beach is the best place to wash it off. Take a dive or take a selfie. 

4) Play football and get some exercises done – better to get that fitfam body started now than never.

You know there are other ways to enjoy football instead of watching other people play it, right? Go outside, run around, kick something, enjoy the thrill of actually playing football and getting your workout done at the same time. 

5) Meet new people.

How else will you make new friends if you don’t leave the house? Get out there and mingle.

6) Go dancing

Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and do the legwork. This is the ultimate way to destress from a hectic week. Find a good dancing place — either at a club or a party — and show your skills on the dancefloor. You know you want to. 

There’s no need to stress yourself by going to different events and places to experience all of these. You can experience everything on our list and more this weekend at the COPA Lagos Beach Soccer Tournament, which is sponsored by FCMB. It is the biggest tournament in Africa and will take place at Eko Atlantic City, Victoria Island, Lagos from November 1 to 3. 

Apart from the opportunity to chill out, meet new people, experience a variety of activities, there’s a huge bonus. Here’s a clue: Gifts and prizes. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to win free things? You could also win awesome prizes if you participate in the numerous activities FCMB has got lined up. These prizes include TVs, Bluetooth speakers, Vouchers, Smart phones and so much more.

And the best part of this is that you don’t have to start running up and down to get a ticket.. Save yourself the stress of looking for a ticket by buying one from the FCMB mobile app. You can also win free tickets and rides to the beach tournament by clicking this link and following the instructions.

We do not know a better weekend line up than this. 

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