Many things are stressing adults this 2022. IELTS, price of foodstuff, price of POP ceiling and furniture. 

And rent. Rent is the ruler of all adult frustrations, and these are the reasons why.

Two years advance payment

Am I related to Dangote? Why else do landlords and agents sometimes ask people to pay two years’ rent in advance? Don’t forget the agent and “caution” fees that must be straight from the pit of hell.

Landlords are also agents, but for Satan

It’s worse if they live in the same house. That’s when they’ll come up with rules like, “Gates close by 9 p.m.” “No visitor must spend the night.”

The landlord doesn’t live in the house

If the house is good, why don’t they live there? Breeze will carry your roof after small rain.

The house can change ownership

You go through hell and relationship Twitter to get a house, then they tell you the house was inherited, and the original owner’s granddaughter has come to fight for her right.

If you’re a single woman, just forget it

Because according to society, single women living alone must be wayward.

You must have the right ethnicity

Yes, there are still people in our dear Nigeria who’ll refuse to rent a place to someone from a different tribe.

Agents never tell the truth

You: “I hope the house has light?”

The agent: “Of course, the house has direct connection to Kainji dam.”

You, after packing in:

Remember that thing about inflation?

Every time the naira falls by an inch, your landlord is happy to respond with a 50% rent increase. Because, inflation.

Why have we written this article about stress?

Adulting may be the worst, but at least you can solve the headache that’s rent.

Join EaziRent and solve the burden of paying a year’s rent in advance. Landlord wahala? We don’t do that here.

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