Life is full of mess ups, some that can be contained, others that cannot and then there are some that are so hilarious, if you are not the one dealing with it, you can’t fathom how they could happen in the first place.

Here’s a list of mishaps that you may have had:

1) Texting the person you’re gossiping about

As funny as this is to imagine, it is hell and high waters on the nerve.

2) Someone spitting on your leg

This is something you don’t wanna experience. It’s so gross; it won’t register in your mind that the person walking behind you mistakenly aimed his spit at your leg until it starts sliding down.

3) Frantically looking for your phone only to realize you’ve been holding it the whole time

That momentary lapse of forgetfulness that makes you go insane until you realize…

4) Someone stealing your shawarma while you’re on okada

Lagos is crazy.

5) Mad person can comman slap you

Your village people can be after you, in the form of a mad person. How else can we explain this? Peep the pastor who got beaten when he tried to cure a mad person.

6) The ATM rejects only YOUR card

At that moment when you need cash the most is when the ATM decides to be temperamental

Which one of these has happened to you?



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