1. When you’ve finished insulting the sales girl because of incomplete change, then you realise the change is actually complete

When you’ll be playing X and O in math class.

2. When you’ve finished dragging the answer to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with your younger sibling and their answer is the correct one

3. Who else has given their tailor in Alagomeji, Versace dress to sew?

4. When you’ve finished betting with everybody in class that you’ll be the highest in the test, but they use your score to draw face

5. When your mother finds the document she sent you to get, in the bag where you said you couldn’t find it

6. When you’ve finished carrying all the weights in the gym to impress Folake, but she leaves with Tosin with the G-Wagon

7. When you’re singing along to a song with your friends and you confidently sing rubbish when your favourite part comes up


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