Instagram vendors are now everywhere, thanks to the internet and to the founder of Instagram. You can be in your house and buy a complete outfit, down to eyelashes that will match the outfit. And we are grateful, honestly. But Instagram vendors need to stop these things, because we are tired.

1. Asking us to DM for price.

Abeg talk your price. If it matches our pockets, we will buy. Don’t stress us to be entering your DM. It’s a new decade, dears.

2. Setting your page to “Private.”

Little Nigerian girl stressed out by Instagram vendors

Seriously, sis? Please move away, let us see other better vendors abeg.

3. Overcharging prospective customers.

Y’all should learn to fear God, abeg. Do you want us to start begging?

4. Using unrealistic models.

Instagram vendors, plis dears. Let us know how we will look beforehand.

5. Overposting their merchandise.

Image result for black person pissed off"

How can you post 42 items on your stories for goodness sake? Don’t you have conscience? How is the buyer supposed to even look at that long list?

Instagram vendors, you have been caught, just as we caught the people of Instablog’s comment section. Change your ways.


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