The camera became a thing that’s pre-installed on phones, and it changed everything. The world jumped on the wave, embraced the technology, and became photographers of sorts. However, there are some people who find pictures repulsive, especially if they are in it. If the sight of a camera makes you want to lose your shit, this is for you

1. When a new phone comes out and everyone won’t stop talking about the camera quality

Just negodu. So many cool features and this is what you like?

2. You never use your phone’s flashlight as camera flash

I’m a simple person with simple needs.

3. You, after taking about 30 selfies and all of them come out as ugly

Well, you can’t say I didn’t try

4. When you try to avoid a group photo and someone asks you to join

Why can’t you mind your business?

5. You, when someone offers to take a photo of you

Don’t you have more important things to do in your life?

6. How you struggle to find a good pose

Image result for Jonathan thinking

But life shouldn’t be this hard.

7. When someone has taken about three pictures of you and they’re still want to take more

Don’t you get tired? Stop. Just stop.

8. When someone asks to see your phone gallery

Oh, you like staring into nothingness?

9. You, when you have to take a passport photograph

Just kill me.

10. You, when you take a picture you actually like

I’m a what? A spec.


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