The NYSC Passing Out Parade (POP) is one of the most important things every corps member looks forward to. To put simply, it is graduation after 12 months of gruesome labour. How does it feel to finally have your freedom? This post tells it all.

1. The joy of knowing that you don’t have to wear your NYSC khaki again

It’s now time to unleash the inner slay that NYSC khaki has kept hidden for long.

2. The relief of leaving your PPA for good

kingofboysmovie party happy dance yaaas kob GIF

The evil you have done is enough. It’s now time for me to live my best life.

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3. You, exiting the plenty NYSC group chats

light the blunt peace out GIF

Bye bye to jati jati.

4. How you return to bed when you realise you don’t have CDS

spongebob squarepants sleeping GIF

Hakuna matata, darlings!

5. But then real life begins

katy perry smile GIF

Life dawns on you and you start to think that maybe NYSC was a shield from reality, because now…

6. No more monthly allowee

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No state government payment, no PPA salary. Shit is getting real.

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7. You’re now fully in the labour market


I didn’t sign up for this. I swear, I didn’t.

8. You, when your parents ask about your marriage plans

kingofboysmovie king of boys kingofboys GIF

Because in the divine mathematics done by Nigerian parents, marriage comes immediately after NYSC Passing Out Parade.

9. But in the end, you just look at everything and laugh

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If you can survive higher institution and NYSC, what can you not possibly deal with?

Happy Passing Out Parade!

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