It’s that time of the year when we all start to regret all the decisions that led us to still be in Nigeria.

If, like me, you need an escape from all the pressure that comes with this season, you should clutch these tips like the best thing after hot agege bread.

Mute UK, Canada and USA on X

Japa Season Is Here, but You Can Avoid the Peer Pressure

There’s a higher chance of hearing about your friend or family member’s travel plans on Twitter than on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or in person. But how will you even know if you’ve muted all the japa buzzwords? What you don’t know won’t kill you.

Join a political party

Japa Season Is Here, but You Can Avoid the Peer Pressure

This is the best time to pitch your tent in the compound of the APC, PDP or any other political party in the country. But don’t stop at joining, preach the gospel of your membership and everyone around you will easily mark you as a patriotic Nigerian nurturing plans to run for office. Can you run for office from the abroad? Exactly. No one will be able to pressure you.

Take an interstate trip

Japa Season Is Here, but You Can Avoid the Peer Pressure

It’s not the UK or America, but at least, you’re catching flights, right? It’s the thought that counts. A change of scenery and environment will make it easier to accept the thought that your bestie is now a thousand miles away. After all, you’ve also relocated a dozen miles away.

Plan a vacation

Japa Season Is Here, but You Can Avoid the Peer Pressure

Some Nigerian parents have taken a chill pill with marriage talks and jumped on the japa train. To avoid the entire mix, just plan a small vacation around that period and make yourself unavailable. With ₦200-₦500k, you might even be able to take a trip to Ghana, Togo or the Benin Republic.

Launch a business

For every “Are you considering japa?” question that comes your way, you tell them you have a business to grow in Nigeria and would only consider travelling out for vacations.

Start the japa conversation

This will give you a sense of taking a step in the japa direction. Research about the country and processes, and every time your friends in the abroad ask when you’re joining them, load them up with information that shows you’re putting in the effort. It’s giving delulu, but it’s better than unhealthy pressure.



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