A young Nigerian man, Iriodalo (Odalo) Emmanuel Obhafuoso (AKA, OD), is trending on X after a lady accused him of fraudulently obtaining cash — purportedly for medical aid — from unsuspecting lovers and friends. The call-out has seen more people coming forward with their alleged encounters with Obhafuoso.

Here’s all we know about the matter so far.

Who is Iriodalo Emmanuel Obhafuoso?

Iriodalo Emmanuel Obhafuoso: Nigerian Man Facing Multiple Allegations of Scam

A Google search for his name returns with a string of reports highlighting the recent allegations against him.

According to information gleaned from a yearbook page, he completed his senior secondary school education in 2014. Odalo highlighted meeting people, daydreaming and taking risks as his hobbies. He also mentioned making the Forbes list in the next 10 years. 

One X account allegedly linked to him, @metaphourr, has been deactivated.

Why is he trending?

On October 11, 2023, a lady identified as Elsavanilla (@elsavanilla) shared pictures of Obhafuoso and accused him of fraudulently obtaining cash from unsuspecting friends and romantic interests. 

Elsavanilla claimed he’d befriend his victims, “fall deathly ill”, and proceed to seek medical financial aid.

“This is Iriodalo Emmanuel Obhafuoso. He is a scammer. He enters girls dms, makes them comfortable talking to him and then proceeds to fall deathly ill. For me, he had heart surgery. For Bolu, he had spinal surgery.”

According to her, Obhafuoso deactivated his X account (@metaphourr), which he used to communicate with her. Elsavanilla claimed she reached out to his friends to share her plight, but “none of them wanted anything to do with the situation at hand.”

A trail of a fraudulent past

Elsavanilla’s call-out thread garnered over 2000 quote tweets. Some users on the platform came forward with their alleged encounters with Obhafuoso and how he tried to dupe them.

Bolu (@adefunkebola), the lady mentioned in Elsavanilla’s tweet, shared how he’d love-bombed her and began to have a “series of calamitous issues” that almost led her to give him money. 

She, however, found out that he’d allegedly scammed one of her friends.

One lady, @tahkeije, posted a birthday wishlist he’d allegedly shared with her ahead of a July 20th celebration.

In the list, Obhafuoso asked for donations to a charity in Edo state, a community centre for kids in North Carolina, amongst other items.

In screenshots shared by another lady, @youloveesther, Obhafuoso complained about his health with a sense of urgency. He said he’d been diagnosed with a heart problem and needed to undergo a thrombectomy surgery.

More tweets from alleged victims below:

Iriodalo Emmanuel Obhafuoso: Nigerian Man Facing Multiple Allegations of Scam
Iriodalo Emmanuel Obhafuoso: Nigerian Man Facing Multiple Allegations of Scam

Where is Obafuosho now?

At the moment, the only X account linked to him has been deactivated.

He seems to have vanished from the internet, as there’s been no word from him.

This is a developing story.

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