Apple may have finally lost their unholy grip on the Nigerian audience, who have a history of doing the most to cop the company’s latest offerings. The lukewarm reception that met the iPhone 15’s release is a clear testament to this. Titanium design and type C-USB port? Tim Cook needs to be for real. While the iPhone 15 might be dead on arrival, there are some cool iOS 17 features to look out for.

What’s the gist of iOS 17?

According to Apple, the new slate of iPhones comes with the latest version of its operating system, iOS 17. However, some older models can be upgraded to accommodate the new IOS which launches officially on September 18.

iPhone 15 Might Be Overrated, But These Are the Coolest iOS 17 Features

Animated Apple music player

With iPhone 17, you don’t have to deal with static images in your Apple Music background. Apple said: “Let’s get the party started.”

Crossfade between music

iPhone 15 Might Be Overrated, But These Are the Coolest iOS 17 Features

Apple ate with this feature because do you know how annoying it is to transition from Asa’s “Bibanke” to Portable’s “I’m Not a Criminal”? According to Apple, this feature allows “Each song to fade in while the previous song is fading out, creating a continuous mix of your favourite music.”

A new Journal app

iPhone 15 Might Be Overrated, But These Are the Coolest iOS 17 Features

Journaling is gaining momentum as the new cool, and I honestly get why. It’s much cheaper than booking a session with a therapist. iOS 17 comes with an all-new, first-of-its-kind Journal app that “lets you write about your experiences, find meaningful insights, and let journaling suggestions and writing prompts help you get started.


This feature comes in handy to help keep track of your movement, considering the rise in kidnap cases in Nigeria. According to Apple, “Check-In can detect when you’ve arrived safely and inform your loved ones automatically”. Check-In will also ask if you’ve gotten to your destination after 15 minutes or your trip duration, and if you don’t respond, it automatically shares useful info with your loved ones.

Messaging on FaceTime

iPhone 15 Might Be Overrated, But These Are the Coolest iOS 17 Features

FaceTime gets a facelift on iOS 17. The latest version of the app allows you to leave video or audio messages in a voicemail when someone misses your call.


Why does this sound like you’re about to snitch? Anyway, the latest update to Airdrop is Namedrop, a feature that allows users to place their iPhones or Apple watches side by side to swap contact info.

Contact posters

Android people had this feature centuries ago, but this isn’t info that fazes Apple stans. With iOS 17, users can now finally include contact posters that pop up during phone calls. Be warned, this feature will let people read your face to know if it’s the LOYL calling or that annoying family member.

Offline maps

This feature is Apple’s biggest middle finger to Nigerian internet service providers on our collective behalf. With iOS 17, you can download locations to use when you don’t have access to good internet.

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