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During this season’s BBNaija show, many people focused on the housemates, while the housemates were focused on their tasks. But even with all this focusing, no one was prepared for the new superstar that emerged on the scene. That superstar is the BBNaija Emblem. It was worn by Pere during his week as the Head of House ,and it changed everything for the housemates.

Today on Interview With, we sat down with the Emblem to get the gist of its experience in the hands of Pere and other Heads of House. Especially Pere.

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Zikoko: Hello, superstar! It’s great to have you here.

BBNaija Emblem: Thank you for having me. 

See how you are glowing! What’s the secret? 

Emblem: Rest. That’s the secret: rest.

What do you mean “rest”?

Emblem: Since the show ended, I have had more time to rest. It’s why I am glowing.

Does this mean you did not have any rest while the show was on?

Emblem: Shebi you watched it? What did you think? From the moment I entered Pere’s hands, how could I have found rest?

Okay, let’s backtrack a bit. Can you tell me what your life was like before you got into Pere’s hands?

Emblem: If you remember, Peace was the first Head of House.


Emblem: Ah! That babe was my favourite. Peace of Jesus. She didn’t stress me. I just sat on her neck and followed her about. There was really nothing to stress about. She was just concerned about how some of the housemates did not take proper care of the toilets.

BBNaija 2021: Head Of House Peace, Receives 18 Carat Gold Necklace Gift  From Biggie - ABTC

And how did you feel about that?

Emblem: Am I the toilets?

No, I

Emblem: Please interview the BBNaija toilets if you want to hear their side. You called me in to discuss life as an emblem, and that’s what I came here for.

Sorry. Please continue your story.

Emblem: Like I said, Peace’s reign as Head of House was peaceful, and I thought things would continue that way. Until Pere came in.

General Pere.

Emblem: It was a military regime. During Peace’s time, I thought I was a simple piece of jewellery. You know, an ornament to tell the Head of House apart. I didn’t even think I had real power. But Pere became head of state, and—

Head of state?

Emblem: Oh, sorry. Head of House. Pere became the head of house and the next thing I was hearing was, “If you don’t respect me, at least respect the emblem on my neck.”

Me, a gold chain, is what they should respect? I had to sit up.

And what was it like?

Emblem: To be honest, it felt strange. I would enter a place with Pere and everybody would start forming serious. The whole thing was funny, but I had to play along. And then Pere started causing trouble, and I entered serious hard labour.

What trouble did Pere cause?

Emblem: Oh, please don’t act like you don’t know. You yourself referred to him as General Pere some minutes ago. Don’t irritate me.

No, no. Don’t get me wrong. You know we watched from outside. I just want to know what it was like in the house…

Emblem: It was tough oh. Pere rationed noodles. Only him, he banned WhiteMoney from the kitchen. And it was all on me because, “Respect the emblem on my neck.” At some point, I wanted to shout and say, “Pere, do your evil acts with your chest. Don’t use the emblem as a cover.” But I kept quiet. Imagine if I had spoken and everyone fled because an ordinary neck chain dared to open its mouth and speak.


Emblem: Now you see my dilemma.

But was it only Pere that stressed you? What about the other Heads of House?

Emblem: I didn’t say it was only Pere. I said Pere made me sit up, and he brought attention to me. That’s all. The other housemates stressed me when they became Heads of House too. I can name them if—


Emblem: Ah, Liqourose was a sweet babe through and through. I won’t even lie.

Cool. What about

Emblem: It was the unexpected movements that nearly killed me.

What unexpected movements?

Emblem: I’m sure you know Liqurose is a dancer.

Yes. She’s a member of the

Emblem: GGB dance crew. Sometimes, it’s like she forgets that she is already in the house and that she is wearing something on her neck. I could be sleeping, and suddenly, the whole place will just shake. Once, I thought an earthquake was happening in the Big Brother House. When I opened my eyes, I saw it was just Liquorose practicing her legwork for the Saturday Night Party. I wanted to cry. This babe did not care about my blood pressure one bit.

But how was WhiteMoney’s reign as Head of House?

Emblem: [Hisses] That one spent more time with the pots than he did with me. He should have just worn a pot or a cooking spoon around his neck. Yes, I enjoyed the aroma of his food, but he could have had more time for me.


Emblem: Anyway, I’m glad it’s all over. I’m happy that he won. I hope he invests in a kitchen or something.

Is that jealousy I detect in your tone?

Emblem: Please dear. Why should I be jealous? I have become famous, and I am happy. Which of the winners have secured this interview with Zikoko Magazine?

None, if we are being honest. You are the first.

Emblem: Very good. When one of them lands on Zikoko frontpage, we can revisit this discussion again.

[BBNaija Emblem sashays out]

So we know BBNaija is over but your entertainment doesn’t have to be. Catch BBNaija Season 4 winner, Mercy Eke as she makes a return on TV this October with her reality show, ‘Mercy: What’s Next’ which premieres Sunday, 10 October at 6 PM on Africa Magic Showcase.

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