You already know Abuja is the place to go when Lagos traffic succeeds in beating you within an inch of your life. 

So, what’s it like navigating Abuja and trying to live out your best Dora the explorer impression? Here’s a list of cool hangout spots to include on your “to-go” plans.

Keje Grill

— Wuse 2, Abuja

This spot offers almost everything; outdoor dining, cocktail bar and even karaoke. According to Conrad, it’s a great spot for when you’re feeling yourself and want to run into half of the people in your body count.

Cube Cafe

— Maitama, Abuja

Tech people should love it here. There’s this artsy, clean ambience that’ll have you feeling like the rich main character in a Hollywood movie.

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Central Park

— CBD, Abuja

You’ll enjoy Central Park more if you go with a group of friends as there are multiple activities to choose from — the go-kart rides and mini golf area are tourist favourites. Make sure to hold your money sha; rides typically cost around ₦7-8k.

Jabi Lake

— Jabi, Abuja

This may arguably be one of the best-known places in Abuja, and while most people probably go for the boat rides, Jabi Lake is actually a great location for slow Saturday morning walks.

Magic Land

— Wuye, Abuja

This amusement park used to be called Wonderland. It’s a children’s fun park, but no one will arrest you if you decide to go there to run away from adulting once in a while.

Trukadero by CityBowl

— Wuse 2, Abuja

If you’re looking to try out bowling, you should check out this spot. Entry itself is free, so if you just want to explore the space or hang around, you can absolutely do that.


— Chocolate Mall, Abuja

If you have money that you want to spend, Honey is that upscale place that’ll use fine dining to help you spend it. It’s a great ambience though, and word on the streets say your crush may agree to enter a relationship with you if you take them there.

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