On Wednesday, July 12, 2023, a UK-based Nigerian lady Olamide (@olly_ade) in a Twitter post, cried out about £20,400 allegedly owed to her by an ex-lover, Ajibola Odusanya. It turns out Odusanya has had prior run-ins with other people over the past few years.

Everything We Know About Ajibola Odusanya’s Fraudulent Past and £20,400 Debt

Who is Ajibola Odusanya?

Ajibola’s Twitter bio says little about him but a search of his full name on Google returns a string of articles showing that he was arraigned in court for fraud-related cases in March 2021. A similar search on Twitter returns with several call-outs from individuals he scammed.

According to information shared by one of his victims, @sirjarus, Ajibola schooled in the United Kingdom and once landed a job in an investment management firm. “His profile and brilliance could get him a decent finance career in corporate Lagos.”

Where did it all start?

On July 12, 2023, Olamide, a UK-based Nigerian lady who was dating Ajibola before things turned sour shared a tweet, in which she asks “How can such a young guy be so cold, callous, vindictive, arrogant and lack empathy so much?”. This was followed by a staggering revelation that Ajibola owes her £20,400.

Everything We Know About Ajibola Odusanya’s Fraudulent Past and £20,400 Debt

In a different tweet, Olamide claims Ajibola had been evading payment and coming up with several excuses to buy time. She, however, soon realised he was “taking her for a fool.”

Everything We Know About Ajibola Odusanya’s Fraudulent Past and £20,400 Debt

And accuses him of living large while she struggles financially.


In a follow-up tweet, she noted that everyone she’s opened up to has wondered how she could shell out £20,400 to a man within one month of dating.

Everything We Know About Ajibola Odusanya’s Fraudulent Past and £20,400 Debt

Netizens poke holes

Shortly after pouring out her mind on her TL, Olamide’s post made it into public discourse, with many Twitter users trying to understand the rationale behind lending so much money to a lover in such a short while.

She, however, had WhatsApp chat evidence to back up her claims.


Love hinged on deceit and betrayal

According to her, she and Ajibola entered into a relationship when she was just 23 and willing to give her all. In her words, “She trusted him beyond human comprehension.”


Four years before she met Ajibola, Olamide had been saving heavily with the hopes of one day making a down payment for a house, but she trusted him enough to lend him all she’d saved.


A trail of fraudulent pasts

In April 2019, a Twitter user, @osekita, shared pictures of Ajibola on the platform, while accusing him of fraud. @osekita said Ajibola’s attempt was unsuccessful but accused him of scamming other victims and “changing identity frequently”. 

In August of the same year, Twitter user, @despatraa shared a tweet hinting at her experience with Ajibola and how a “borrowing man” is a red flag.

These accusations were followed by Ajibola’s arraignment in court in March 2021, where he faced a two-count charge of fraud and theft. He landed in court after allegedly defrauding two friends of ₦880,000. Ajibola pleaded not guilty to both offences. A Chief Magistrate, Mrs O.O. Oshin, granted him bail in the sum of ₦250,000 with one surety in like sum and adjourned the case.

@despatraa returned in January 2022. Her message was simple: “Please, run hard from Ajibola Odusanya. He’s a scammer.”

Another victim, @teinm, took to Twitter in November 2022, tagging the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Lagos State Police command, Ben Hundeyin. @teinm claimed Ajibola duped her of over ₦400k.

A video currently making the rounds on the internet captures a young man, who identifies himself as Ajibola Odusanya, confessing to carting away ₦420k.

@detoke on Twitter claims the last time Ajibola was locked up for scamming people, his mum said, “They should leave him to die there and feed his body to the dogs.”

More victims speak up

In light of Olamide’s callout, more allegations have sprung up from Twitter users who have had run-ins with Ajibola in the past.

Sir Jarus, a real estate business mogul, details three encounters with Ajibola and how he didn’t fall for the third which would have had him lose thousands of pounds.

In a WhatsApp chat with Jarus, Ajibola begs for forgiveness, admits his greed and offered to refund the money.

Jarus claims there’s a WhatsApp group of Ajibola’s victims.

Another lady, @zeechy, claims Ajibola has also scammed her friend. She shares screenshots of an alleged conversation with him, where he asks for an item to be paid for with a promise to refund the money spent. In a different portion of the conversation, Ajibola says, “He’s sorry for everything.”

Ajibola’s version of the truth

In a Twitter Space that was held on July 13, Ajibola admitted to Olamide’s allegations but accuses her of being unable to “keep track of her own stories.”

He categorically states that he took money from Olamide but didn’t scam her, and plans to pay her what she is owed. It was also agreed upon that the total amount owed was £17,100. Ajibola called for another Space to be held on Monday, July 17, by which time he would have repaid Olamide’s money.


In another Twitter Space hosted by user @TheVawulence, UK-based Nigerian lady, @oluwablanco, offered to help Olamide collect her money from Ajibola.

Ajibola met up with a Nigerian man, Mr Swish, who held him at his shop with the cash he planned to use in offsetting part of the debt.

A few minutes after 9pm WAT on Thursday, July 13, Blanco, who had earlier promised to help Olamide recover her money, met up with Ajibola and Mr Swish to collect the cash.

Of the agreed upon £17,100 owed, Ajibola was able to refund £11,500 in cash on that day. Blanco shared a video where she was seen confirming the amount received with a money-counter. She also went with Olamide to deposit £5000 in her bank account.

Ajibola promised to pay the balance on or before Monday, July 17.

As promised, on July 15, Ajibola made an additional payment of £1000 and £4600 to Olamide which brought the total amount paid to £17,100.

Olamide confirmed receipt of full payment, adding that she’s blocked all communication with Ajibola.

This is a developing story.


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