One of the greatest “expectation vs reality” shock is felt by people who work for themselves. On the surface, it seems chill. While this is true in some form, it also has its sets of struggles, which most people don’t prepare for. Let’s get into it.

You, thinking that working for yourself means you can get off whenever you like

I can’t kill myself, please.

But you realise that there’s hardly any time off

When your friends expect you to provide a service free of charge

If you don’t geddifok

Or you don’t know how much to charge

issa rae ielts Zikoko


What everyone thinks you’re doing 

Photo of Buhari 'picking his teeth' has Nigerians talking on ...

What you’re actually doing

One person army!

When you get bored and realise that there is no one to talk to

Who do I even gossip about?

When you realise that you can’t afford to take sick days

I’m a terrible boss to myself sha.

You, thinking if your life will be easier if you take a 9-5 job

Maybe. Maybe not. But we die here!

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