Nigerian Creatives Who Got Big Breaks On Twitter.

September 11, 2019

You’ve probably heard the saying, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Well, it’s 2019, and in millennial speak, that gets transformed to – ‘clasped Twitter fingers, don’t get their big breaks’. No one knows this better than the following group of people who, rather than scroll through twitter laughing at memes and DMing timeline gist like a certain writer of this post, chose instead to shoot their entrepreneurial shots at known brands, and got their big breaks.

If you were looking for motivation to put yourself out there, look no further than these guys:

1. @KvngSpice.

Samson, otherwise known as ‘KvngSpice’ lists his key capabilities as ‘visual artist, creative marketing consultant and genius’ on his Twitter bio. Mashing all of those abilities together, he creates fantastic ad concepts for notable brands like Coca Cola, Kit Kat, Hunters etc and places them for all to enjoy on Twitter.

In August this year, he dropped this gem of an ad concept on his timeline:

It was so good, Coca-Cola took notice.

Now, we don’t know what went on in the DMs, but for Coca Cola to take notice, must be major!

2. @EliWaduba.

While I was distracted in heaven, collecting extra forehead instead of talent, Eli Waduba was getting extra helpings so he could tension all of us on earth with his hyper-realistic artworks.

On one of such tensioning days, he shot his talented shot at mini, mega superstar – Kevin Hart with this piece:

With a piece this good, Kevin had to take note.

And you’re still wondering if you should put your work out there. SMH.

3. @AlocoholHero247.

Gabriel Oteh had a genius idea in 2017. Take his love for cocktails, and his love for Wizkid, combine both and make alcoholic magic with it.

So he shot his shot:

And Wizkid caught it.

Two years and two thousand retweets after, Oteh has an alcohol and alcoholic supplies business he runs from his social media pages.

4. @TheKashope.

In July 2019, Kashope, a photographer based in Nigeria shot his shot by posting a thread of images for Mercedes Benz on Twitter. Look at it:

These images made me feel a range of emotions: pride that we had such talent in Nigeria, marvel at the consistent neatness of expensive Benzes, a renewed sense of brokeness and wonder that anyone would let their nice Benz go low on fuel.

Naturally, Mercedes Benz took notice.

But if you think our guy was going to stop at a mere nod from the organisation, guess again. He hit that shot again:

Then this happened:

Now we don’t know what happened after, but once DMs get involved, it’s usually good news.

So, if you needed any reason to put your work out there r to shoot your professional shots, we’ve just given you four!

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