Bayelsa’s Governor-Elect Just Lost Out Because of A Forged Certificate

February 13, 2020

In perhaps the worst case we’ve ever seen of somebody using their sand-sand to spoil another’s garri, the Bayelsa State Governor-Elect – APC’s David Lyon, just had his victory nullified. It’s all thanks to the efforts of deputy-governor elect, Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo.

FYI, this nullification happened just one day to the Bayelsa State inauguration.

Bayelsa David Lyon disqualified

We promise this whole thing wouldn’t even be funny, except for the fact that this same guy – David Lyon, already won a ‘Best Governor of the year 2019‘ award without even being sworn in. Majik.

We know you probably have a number of questions as to what happened, so we’ve listed them out with answers to go.

Why did David Lyon lose the Bayelsa Governor-Elect post?

Bayelsa David Lyon nullified

About that. It would appear that his running mate – Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo — many, many years ago, decided he didn’t have the gaddem energy to shade his long names into those little boxes they make you fill for the GCE. Almost understandable. He allegedly took a short-cut and got fake certifications instead.

Bayelsa David Lyon

Fast forward a few years and our guy allegedly submitted educational certificates with different names to INEC. This led a Federal high court to disqualify Biobarakuma from contesting the elections in November 2019. However, an Appeal Court allowed his qualification in December 2019, permitting him to contest the Bayelsa elections as Lyon’s running mate.

But maybe they shouldn’t have, because the Supreme Court finally decided that he wasn’t qualified to be deputy governor on February 13th, 2020. Welp.

Why does the Bayelsa Deputy-Governor’s disqualification affect the Governor’s?

Bayelsa David Lyon

Glad you asked. It would appear that because it was a joint ticket, what happens to the GCE- deficient goose, affects the qualified gander. In other words, it was a tainted joint ticket and his Deputy’s sins affected David Lyon’s gubernatorial fate. Womp womp.

What happens after the Bayelsa State disqualification.

Bayelsa David Lyon disqualified

Well, you would expect that a re-run election would be carried out to enable the Bayelsa people pick a candidate that suits their wishes. However, things don’t work like that over here in Nigeria.

Instead, the Court has directed INEC to issue the certificate of return (i.e. the governorship seat more or less) to the candidate with the next highest number of votes – PDP’s Diri Duoye. He is expected to be inaugurated in Lyon’s stead.

You just know this is how Lyon is looked at his deputy when the news of the nullification came in.

David Lyon disqualified Bayelsa

Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo now joins the ranks of Kemi Adeosun and Salisu Buhari who lost their posts to forged certificates. This is Nigeria!

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