You’ve heard of online dating sites — you may have even tried one or two. But they didn’t work out because you’re obviously reading this article hoping to find a way to finally secure the bone of your bones.

Fret not. I’ve compiled a list of Christian dating sites where you’ll only meet people who may think twice before running you street. 

All sites listed are legitimate, but remember to stay safe.

1. Nigerian Christian Singles

The first thing you’ll see on this website is the statement, “We aren’t just a dating site.” The social dating platform identifies as an online Christian community of people who share the same religious beliefs and values.

How to get started

One thing I like about this site is, it’s pretty straightforward. All you need to do is visit the site and sign up. Only registered users are allowed to view other users’ profiles.

There are also a number of success stories on the site, just so you know they aren’t new in this business.

Don’t you also want to shout with happiness like this?

How it works

Basic membership is free, with access to send and receive a limited number of messages per month on the site. To send unlimited messages, you’ll need to get the VIP membership.

The site also has a detailed FAQ section for vital information you need to know before setting up a profile, including safety tips for prospective users.

NCS be like: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you o”

2. Agape Christian Singles

This site claims to be committed to maintaining Biblical values and offering users a “smut-free dating site”, according to their “About Us” section.

Maybe it’s why this important notice is the first thing you’ll see when you visit the site.

How to get started

You can use the quick search feature to filter users based on your specs, but you’ll need to register as a user on the site before you can view anyone’s profile.  It’s also relatively straightforward.

How it works

Membership is free, and anyone can have access to the site. They also included some dating tips for users and terms and conditions which I doubt most people will ever read.

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3. Redeemers Connect

Even though this online community was created by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Europe Mainland Mission, it’s open to the RCCG global community aka everywhere in the world. According to the site, it’s “exclusively for Christian singles, widows, widowers and unmarried people with serious intent to get married within a year or two upon enlisting as a member.”

How to get started

Much like the other sites, prospective users can sign up to use the site for free, and can only view the profile of others after registration.

How it works

There are two membership levels — silver and gold. Silver membership is free and comes with the feature to start chat dialogues with members. However, you need to drop money to access the site’s full features (which the site doesn’t expressly clarify). Think foreign currency.

The site also features a detailed FAQ section to guide prospective members.

4. ConnectNow

The RCCG also created this online community, but this time around, it’s specifically for Nigerians. Created by a branch of the church, the City of David Parish in Lagos, it’s meant to connect single Christians in the country.

How to get started

Like the other sites, intending users are required to register before accessing the website.

How it works

According to the memorandum of understanding, every user must conduct independent background checks before connecting with another user on the platform. There’s also no mention of payment for access, so go forth and secure your spouse, free of charge.

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