Cool parties don’t just happen by chance. There are several experiences and boxes that need to be ticked — If it didn’t dey, it didn’t dey. That’s why this guide exists. If you don’t see these activities at your next campus party, feel free to head out.

But maybe there’s no need to ‘lurn’ the hard way; you can learn easily from University of Port Harcourt, University of Nigeria, Imo State University and University of Lagos students’ experience during the Sabinus campus tour that Malta Guinness refreshed recently. Nigerian Students no dey carry last, after all.

The coolest people

What’s a cool party without the cool kids? The cool kids are always down to have a good time, and you’ll always find them where the fun is.

Exciting artist line-up

The first box to tick has to be music. How else do you want to dance and forget  that you have a million tests to read for and a gazillion assignments to turn in if the music performances aren’t epic? 

Rap battles and dance contests

The chance to have the time of your life AND show your talent? Sign us up. Who knows if that’s where your entertainment career will take up from? Besides, there’s no easier way to become more popular on campus.

Stand-up comedian performances

Not every time, dance. Sometimes you just want to laugh till your ribs ache like the students who enjoyed the Malta Guinness X Sabinus Campus Tours. We have it in good standing that there was no dry moment. How could there be? Do you know how many stand-up comedians there were? And haven’t you watched a Sabinus video?

Drinks and mocktails

Who says you can’t have a good time without getting a headache the next day? As long as there are ice-cold cans of Malta Guinness and delightful Malta Guinness-infused mocktails for wholesome nourishment, you’re good to go.

Fire set-ups

Of course, you’d need cute backdrops for Instagrammable pictures. It’s the law.

Giveaways too

What do all campus parties have in common? Students going through one stage of sapa or the other. So they wouldn’t say no to giveaways. There were freebies and giveaways at the Sabinus Live in Concert Campus Tours sponsored by Malta Guinness. If I were you, I’d keep my eyes peeled for the next one. Just saying.

Malta Guinness remains committed to fostering a world of good, promising more vibrant experiences ahead! For further updates on how best to throw campus parties, follow Malta Guinness NG on Instagram and visit  to learn more.


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