Football games (and any other games, really) are designed for people to socialise and have fun. In Nigeria, you can enhance the experience if you go to a public video game centre. Most of the time, it’s harmless fun, but that doesn’t mean you can escape the people and their personalities. These are some of the people you can expect to find in any game shop.

The boaster

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They make mouth and brag before a match starts. There is a thin line between confidence and outright arrogance, and these people cross it all the time. However, they’re unable to walk the talk when it matters because they lose most of the matches they played.

The unassuming players

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They are so chill, but they will roast you every chance they get. See, if anyone decides to use Fulham or any other mid/low-tier club against you when they know you chose Barca, just respect yourself and drop the pad.

The screamer

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They hype the littlest things. They could make a simple pass or dribble and they won’t stop talking about it. They are the last sets of people want to lose a match against because you won’t hear the last of it.

The complainer

If they win, it’s because they are one of the best to ever do it. However, if they lose, it’s because they played at a disadvantage. You start to hear things like “You’re lucky that my pad was not working correctly.”

The showman

These people care about their performance more than the result. Scoring goals is the last thing on their minds. They dribble and show their mastery of the game, but they hardly convert them into goals. They don’t care, though, they just want to have fun.

The unrelenting loser

This person loses every game, but they won’t accept that they simply aren’t a match for their opponent. They always want another go. Every time is “Let’s play one more match.” Sometimes, it’s cute to match. At other times, you can’t help but feel sorry for them.

The banter kings

You don’t want to lose when this person is there. They have no mercy and go hard after whoever loses a match. There are no comebacks to their scathing jokes and remarks. They are the absolute worst, to be honest. 



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