“Kala, Daju, Ma Rerin, Wuwa Ika” were some of the hardest words in Olamide and Portable’s 2021 street banger, Zazoo Zeh. However, thanks to the recent cult slang conversation on X, I’ve come to realise there’s more meaning to these words, which loosely translate to “Be stern, show no mercy, don’t laugh and be wicked.”

Apparently, the lines are language-altered versions of slang peculiar to some cultist groups in Nigeria. For instance, “Ma Rerin” is associated with the Buccaneers Confraternity’s “No laughing on board,” lingo. This discovery led me on a quest to find more Nigerian cult slangs and their purported meanings.

Some slangs in this list have been loosely used in afrobeats songs by Davido, Shallipopi, OdumoduBlvck, among others.

General cult slangs

Sticker: a cutlass.

Talasa: To hit a person till he/she bleeds.

Manoeuvre: Steal.

Jetesin: Let go of something or an issue.

B40: Brother.

Ancho: Means to give out something.

Belle: Often used to refer to a female member of the Vikings confraternity.

Identify yourself: Members say this to unknown people, wearing colours associated with their cult.

Sangry for Sangry: “Sangre” means “blood” in Spanish. This cult lingo means “blood for blood”.

Dey gbam: Stay calm or keep still. Usually used when they’re trying to intimidate a non-cult member into mellowing down for them.

Wida you? This is cult lingo for “Who the hell are you?” The tone is harsh on non-cultists and softer on fellow cult members. 

Ruff sea: Conflict or crisis.

Obembe business: A cult gathering where they share dues and allowance.

Iceland: A place where non-cult members are forbidden to enter. If you do, you’ll either be beaten or forced to join the cult.

Omila squad: Armed robbers.

Slangs peculiar to different cult groups

According to news reports, there are several cult groups in Nigeria domiciled in different regions. Some cult groups with widespread popularity have members who go on to start small chapters and sub-divisions of the mother group. Each of these cult groups have slangs peculiar to them and used by members. 

Deby na Debt

A Guide to Understanding Nigerian Cult Slangs and Their Meanings

Source: Skabash

Also known as the Eternal Fraternity Order of Legion Consortium, members of this group call themselves Klansmen. It was formed in 1983 at the University of Calabar. Their official symbol is the human skull, and their colours are white and black. Some of their common lingo include:

  • Peaceful man in a deadly mood, disagree to agree
  • The affairs of a klansman before any other thing in life
  • What concerns a klansman concerns all klansmen
  • Oath of secrecy abides by all members

Black Axe Confraternity

A Guide to Understanding Nigerian Cult Slangs and Their Meanings

Source: Faz

Known for their bright yellow colour, this cult group members are known as Aye, Axe-men, Seven or Amigos. It was founded in 1976 at the University of Benin. Their official symbol is a black axe, and Nigerian cult slangs peculiar to them include:

  • The Blackman will be freed with an axe
  • No fuck ups
  • Forgiveness is a sin
  • Don’t betray your brother in the hood
  • Obey before complaining or abeyance
  • He who price must pay

Buccaneers confraternity

A Guide to Understanding Nigerian Cult Slangs and Their Meanings

Source: Naira Diary

The Buccaneers are known for their high intellectual standards, a major requirement if you want to join the cult group. Members of the group are known as Fine boys, Alora, Bucketmen, Lords, etc., and their colours are white, yellow and black. The group’s symbol is a human skeleton with a head wrap. It was formed in 1972 at the University of Ibadan.

  • No price, no pay
  • No brothers in the wood
  • No laughing on board
  • Blood for blood
  • Let the devil that leads you guide you

Supreme Vikings Confraternity

Source: Skabash

Formed in 1982 by some members of the Buccaneers, this cult group was originally called De Norsemen Club of Nigeria. Members call themselves aro-mates, adventurers or vultures. The group’s symbol is two crossed axes and a boat. Some Nigerian cult slangs peculiar to the group include:

  • Never hang a leg
  • Even in the face of death
  • Blood on the high sea
  • Songs of Hojas

Pyrate Confraternity

A Guide to Understanding Nigerian Cult Slangs and Their Meanings

Source: Wikipedia

Founded in 1952 by Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, and his friends at the University of Ibadan, this cult group set out to revive the age of chivalry and elitism and abolish convention. It was disbanded in the 1960s to form a new group called Secret Cults. However, in 2022, Soyinka clamped down on the group over a video of members mocking Bola Tinubu. Their colours are yellow, black and red, and their symbol comprises a skull, two cross-bones and an anchor. Their slangs include:

  • Absolute no lagging
  • No friend, no foe
  • Odas is odas


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