The world is hard for almost everyone, but we all get a break sometimes. However, people who are completely bad at flirting don’t get a break. Every day is a constant reminder that they might die alone in a house full of cats. Anyway, we see you and this post is for you.

1. You, every time you have to talk to a good-looking person

God, please help me

2. You, trying to decide if your crush is flirting with you or just making small talk

issa rae ielts Zikoko


3. When your friends try to convince you to tell your crush that you like them

People can do that?

4. When all you think about is how a conversation can go wrong


And it will go wrong.

5. When someone is actually flirting with you and you think they are mocking you

Wow! The disrespect.

6. When you’re flirting with someone and you end up insulting them

I’m going to kill myself now.

7. When you realise that you can only flirt with stickers, memes, and emojis

Thank you, technology.

8. When you finally decide that you are destined to be single forever

At least, I can sleep peacefully knowing that no one is cheating on me.

9. When you meet people who flirt effortlessly

Look at you living the good life.



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