A lot goes into the process of connecting with people, and for emotionally unavailable people, these things are absolutely unnecessary. Opening their hearts up and letting themselves feel is the ultimate struggle. If you’re one of these people, you should definitely relate to this post.

1. You, when someone you just started talking to tries to hug you

Who is this one?

2. You, when couples around you start acting loved-up


3. When someone tries to get you to talk about your feelings

Don’t you have something better to do?

4. You, trying to figure out how to tell someone you like them without actually saying the words

How do normal people do this?

5. When someone actually tells you they like you and you don’t know how to say it back

issa rae ielts Zikoko

6. When you realise that the only relationships you can maintain are situationships and FWBs

I can’t kill myself

7. You, when someone tell you to follow your heart

What does that even mean?

8. You, casually returning texts after one week

Take it like that, abeg

9. When you finally get into a real relationship with someone

How may I break your heart today?



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