If not that phone numbers cannot always be changed so easily, some people would never be reachable via call anymore. Why? Mostly because of all the different types of stressful callers blasting their phones.

Number 8 are the worst. The best thing is to block them.

1. Telemarketers

Sometimes it can be so bad that even when you block their number, they find a way of catching you unawares. Talmabout, “Dear customer…” Usain Bolt would be jealous of the speed with which you hang up such calls.

2. The breathers

How will you call someone and keep quiet? The worst thing is when you can clearly hear them breathing over the phone. People are creepy.

3. The unknown callers

Instead of going straight to the point and stating who they are or how they got your number, these callers would rather play games. “So you don’t know me?” “Guess who’s calling.” Which kind of wahala is this?

4. The shouters

These ones talk on top of their voice so much that your poor ears will never remain the same after the call. Even microphone no do reach like this.

5. The distracted ones

They talk to different people in the background, all the while forgetting you’re on the other end of the call. It’s not their fault, shebi it’s you that picked up.

6. The impatient ones

Don’t expect them to wait till the end of the call oh. Before you finish talking, they’ve hung up (sometimes unintentionally). On top your own airtime! Hay God.

7. The exes

Just when you’re finally moving on with your life and healing from the relationship trauma, they’ll remember you. No be JuJu be that? Better cover your number with the blood of Jesus.

8. The ghosts

They’re always in one serious trouble or the other, and it’s you they call to bail them out. But when things are good, they suddenly ghost you till the next emergency.

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