I don’t think I have seen a greater struggle than when Nigerians touch a toothbrush to their teeth. It feels like they are releasing all their pent up frustrations. When they put toothpaste on the brush, they scrub the teeth…

1. Like they are washing a rug.

Somewhere in between, they’ll pause and you’ll think they are done only to resume the demonic scrubbing.

2. Like they have plans to commit suicide by brushing.

The teeth sef is in shock.

3. Like the teeth snatched their lover from them.

A rare picture of Nigerians having a conversation with their teeth.

4. Like they mistakenly drank water from a septic tank.

Their teeth, during the whole process of brushing.

5. Like they have an actual fight with the teeth.

Severe gbas gbos.

6. Like they are committed to seeing blood.


Nigerians: “Blood must flow.”

7. Like they are masochists who get multiple orgasms when their gums bleed.

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Nigerians when the brush touches the back of their throat.

In case you don’t know how to brush your teeth, here’s tiny guide to help you:

Manual Tooth Brushing and Flossing Technique – Dental Care
Source: Dental Care


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