Nigerians have a flair for the dramatic and won’t pass up an opportunity to show how far they can take it. We can’t possibly fit each of these situations into a single post, so we decided to go with these ones:

1. When a classmate that didn’t come to any of the group meetings shows up for the presentation

“Oh, you think you can take us fi idiot. You have to fail this course.”

2. When a bus fills up with passengers and the driver decides to make a stop at a filling station

“Look at this time-waster. Do you think we don’t have places to be?”

3. When you buy Aso-Ebi and travel to another state for a wedding and the waiters can’t find your table

“You think I went through all this trouble because I like the couple so much? Let’s be guided, please.”

4. When your bank debits you for a failed transaction and they say you won’t get the money back until after 15 working days

“It’s like you people are not okay. I don’t know how you will do it, but please return my money before I open my eyes.”

5. When there is a turbulence mid-flight and the seatbelt sign turns on

“Oh God, this is not how I die. And they warned me not to tell anyone I was travelling.”

6. When you try to kill a cockroach and it starts flying

“Okay, it’s time to burn this house down.”

Oh, by the way, we know how dramatic you really are. Take this quiz and get your answer.



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