Dreams are so stressful, man. Some of them are cute and whatnot, but generally, they’re some of the worst triggers ever. And these are some of the reasons why:

1. You don’t always remember them

issa rae ielts Zikoko

This just makes them seem like a waste of time. The only time I get to rest is when I sleep and I’d rather if I don’t need to process anything in my sleep. Or painstakingly mull over the details of some dream after I wake up. What’s the point of having these dreams if you can’t remember them?

2. You can’t continue an uncompleted dream after you’ve woken up

So, you’re there having a vivid dream when something wakes you up. But it’s such an interesting dream that you go back to sleep, hoping to continue where you stopped. But these vicious things don’t have a pause/play function, and most of the time, that dream is lost forever. So, what’s the bloody point?

3. Your dreams can literally embarrass you

I don’t have much to say here. The only advice I have is that when you’re peeing in a dream. Wake up immediately. Get out of that mind trap because chances are that you’re seconds away from messing up in real life. 

4. Or make you do clown shit

Some of these stupid things make you believe that the silliest things can happen in real life. Like make you believe that you and someone belong together. If this is you, don’t act on that dream. The person you dreamt about definitely didn’t dream about you.

5. They make you wanna lose your mind

Have you woken up from a nightmare and can’t shake the scary details off your mind? The paranoia that tends to follow is definitely not fun. You will be on an overdrive making sure that whatever fate that befell you in the dream doesn’t happen out here. Isn’t that torture?



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