There are some kinds of people that get the most shade and get to be the butt of many jokes. It’s like a meeting was held and they were blacklisted somehow. Because I think that’s not fair and in my personal efforts to contributing to making the world utopic, I made a list of this unfairly judged people so we can start leaving them alone.

1. Lazy people.

The hate on lazy people is seriously too much, and I don’t understand it because they literally did nothing. So what is it we are crucifying them for?

2. Motivational speakers.

zikoko - Bad Rep

So they tricked us into believing perspiration leads to acquiring, but come on guys they are also the reason why we have hope that someday we will become the next Zuckerberg or something.

3. People with regular 9-5 jobs. 

zikoko - Bad Rep

The internet is no longer a safe space for people with regular jobs, there’s always shade somewhere telling them that they are being paid to forget their dreams. Or that their employers are using them.

4. The ITK’s in class.

zikoko - Bad Rep

The ones who remind the teacher that they haven’t given us an assignment. Maybe they needed all those assignments because they don’t have a social life and they need to stay busy. Did you think of that? No? Because you only think of yourself.

5. People who don’t post on social media.

zikoko - Bad Rep

They are not weird, they just have nothing to say fam. Leave them be.

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