An innovation you didn’t think you needed is currently happening around phone batteries and charging. If your devices keep dying before your eyes, you don’t have fuel in your generator to burn for long hours, or the Neps remembers your Band F area for only two hours daily, a solution has found you—a new option that gives you control over your phone’s battery life.

Thanks to the All-Round FastCharge 2.0 tech on the Infinix Note 40 Series, there are five exciting ways to do that.

Also, there’s no better place and time to buy an Infinix Note 40 Pro than in Nigeria right now.

Control your charging speed

Are you in a rush? An Infinix Note 40 Pro’s Hyper mode will charge up to 50% in 16 minutes. Its Smart mode balances fast charge and mid-temperature and gives up to 50% in 20 minutes. Low-temp mode has a slower charging process, but your phone will be cooler to touch. Now do the maths: In less than an hour, the Note 40 Pro can have a full battery.


Wireless charging

What’s cooler and more convenient than being tied down with your phone and charger at the socket? Omo, it’s wireless charging. With the MagPad device with Note 40 Pro, you can use your phone around the house and charge it simultaneously. Just make sure your MagPad is plugged into the power source somewhere.

Bypass charging

Yo, it gets cooler. Imagine a phone that doesn’t heat up while charging and is actively in use. The charging power goes directly to the motherboard and automatically disconnects when fully charged. The people that can’t do without their phone for two minutes will be the most thankful for this feature.

Phone to phone

Imagine being able to charge your friends’ wireless charging-enabled devices, such as smartwatch, earbuds, and iPhone with your Note 40 Pro. You can be the coolest of your friend group with Infinix’s Reverse wireless. All you have to do is enable the reverse charging feature on your Infinix Note 40 Pro, place the other device on the back, and witness the greatness of reverse charging.

Smart overnight charging

This feature is the most interesting. For example, if you’re the type to press the phone all day and sleep all night, the Note 40 Pro’s AI analyses your usage habits and prevents overcharging overnight by intelligently capping the battery to 80% charge until closer to the time you get up in the morning. What a phone.



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