Linkedin is one of the prominent social networking websites designed for working professionals, and because of its uses and purposes, everything is different on there. If you have an active account and actually use it, this post is for you.

1. You, trying to figure out how Linkedin works when you first created your account

issa rae ielts Zikoko

What’s a first connection? What’s the Inmail? And why is setting up a profile so stressful?

2. But you didn’t, so you thought you were done with it 

Bye, felicia!

3. When you realise that you are a working adult and need to have one

Hello again!

4. You, wondering why everyone is so polite in the comments

But I know this person’s brand on Twitter and it’s not this cool

5. When you realise how great it is for stalking people 

I have a new co-worker. Let’s see how good their professional history looks

6. But you also find out that people get a notification when you open their profiles


7. When someone you don’t know send you a connection request

If you’re not a recruiter, please go away!

8. You, every time someone visits your profile

Look at me. I’m so popular.

9. When a friend endorses you for a skill both of you know you don’t have

Caption This Photo, Aregbesola, Fayose And Ambode - Politics - Nigeria

My guy!

10. You, waiting for that dream job everyone says you will get on Linkedin

Mr Bones White Skeleton Decor

God when?

11. When you realise that you’re spending more time on Linkedin than any other social app

Is this what being a grown-up means?

12. You, when you get an email to upgrade your membership

Come and steal it now.

13. When a recruiter reaches out to you to pitch you a job

I’m big-shot now.



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