Sometimes, the reason your life is the way it is right now is because your guardian angel has seen that what is in you is more than what they can do, so they’ve abandoned you. We might teach you how to get your guardian angel back, but first, here are eleven signs to know your guardian angel has really abandoned you.

1) You’re not eating in your dream

The Lord said he’d set a table before you in the presence of your enemies. If they’re not setting the table before you, your angel has left o. Better find a way to bring them back because food in the physical world is expensive. Chop the free one the witches and wizards are giving you.

2) Angel numbers 

How else will an angel communicate with you without the angel numbers. No angel numbers means no communication. This simply means that your angel has carried their Ghana must go and gone.


3) Being chased with cane in your dream 

How can they be pursuing you spiritually when your angel is around and working well? You should either look for a temporary angel or find your angel and drag them back into your life. You clearly need it.

How your enemies wait for you now try at guardian angel is gone.

4) You misplace your ATM card every month 

With the way banks charge for a new card, you’re either doing fraud or your enemies have chosen a new way to ruin you. Imagine losing your card every month and having to pay for a new one in this economy? Better start begging your guardian angel.

5) There’s never a surge when you order a ride 

This means there’s nobody protecting your going out and coming in, because your enemies are tempting you to leave your house. Stay indoors, because something hooge might be waiting for you outside.

You waiting for surge to start before you leave your house

6) Your Amala seller isn’t rude

If you purposely eat Amala from sellers that aren’t rude, then your guardian angel has probably asked to be reassigned and has decided to punish you by not allowing you eat good food.

7) Salary finishes in its first week

Angels are meant to whisper in your ear when you want to use 12k to do sure odds that isn’t really sure, but since there’s nobody to whisper, you will be doing rubbish. Your money is not as long as that evil spirit keeps whispering in your ear wants you to think.

A word is enough for the wise, and even the foolish.

8) Your neighbour buys a new generator

It’s good to pray for your neighbours to succeed, but if they start buying new and powerful generators, just know your angel has taken a break from your life and that’s why you won’t be able to sleep again.

9) Gas finishes when you’re cooking beans 

There’s favour over labour and then there’s what’s happening to you. Do you know how much gas is? To make matters worse, this happens on a Sunday. You’re F for Finished.

Unfortunately, your tears can’t cook your beans.

10) Accidentally transfer 50k instead of 5k 

Your third eye is not open and that’s why you can make such a mistake in this economy. The only way your third eye opens is when your guardian angel uses their hand to open it for you. Seek help o.

11) Only your house doesn’t have light 

Your enemies want to perform wonders in the darkness. Where there’s an angel, there’s light. Your angel has gone on sabbatical. What next?



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