Toxic friends are everywhere and they are a big problem. If you don’t know the toxic friend in your friend group, it’s probably you. To prove this to you just, we wrote this for you. 

If you display any of these signs, you’re the toxic friend in your friend group.

1. You  steal your friend’s parents 

You go into your friend’s life and suddenly, you are their parent’s favourite child? How and why? The position they had to fight hard to get, you gained it by prostrating that one time to greet, and by calling more often than them. Are you not an evil spirit?

2. You  steal their food 

Anybody that can steal food can kill. I hope they kill that friendship before you empty their fridge and bank account. No one should have to share shawarma, please.

3. You sleep when they are awake 

This takes toxic friends to another level because what sort of wickedness is this? How dare you be asleep when they can’t sleep? Is that not witchcraft? 

4. You save their number with their name 

You hate them and it shows. No pet name? Not even an insult like “Tobi Idiot”? Be honest, you don’t like your friends, do you?

5. You always see the other side 

Imagine your friend telling you about that coworker that annoys them and instead of insulting the person, you start seeing the coworker’s point. Tell me you hate your friend without telling me you hate them.

6. You have fun without them

After going out without them and posting videos without their face you’ll now come on their birthday to say “thank you for bringing fun into my life”. If you don’t geddifok.

7. You move far away from them

Why? If it’s not hatred, why would you move far away from them? Only toxic friends live far away from each other, please.

8. You steal their clothes 

You are an armed robber. Know this and know peace. Clothes are expensive, why is their wardrobe your private bend down select? 

9. You don’t add their name in your project’s acknowledgement 

Their existence alone is enough reason for their name to be in your project’s acknowledgement. If it wasn’t for them taking you out when you should have been writing it, would you have had enough guilt to work twice as hard on it? I think the fuck not.

10. You don’t name your kids after them

No really, it’s the audacity. How can you create a whole human being and not name them after your friend? Who will you now name the child after?  You are a toxic friend, know this and know peace.



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