If there’s one thing Ilorin babes can all agree on, it’s that Ilorin people can stare! Here’s seven other things that Ilorin babes can relate to. 

1. People staring 

It’s normal to get stared at when you’re a hot girl, but in Ilorin, staring hits different. People will stare at you until you leave their vicinity. You’ll think that they don’t have legs and arms of their own to look at. 

2. Shopping from Post Office because Lagos prices won’t kill us

Every hot Ilorin babe knows the right places to shop in Post Office. The best thing about shopping at Post Office is that the products are original and affordable, unlike a city we know. 

3. Not having enough choices of places to go on dates

There are like ten decent restaurants for dates in Ilorin and we’ve been to all of them. We need more abeg. 

4. Yahoo boys in their DMs claiming to be crypto traders

This one is hilarious. They always think you’re not smart enough to know the difference between crypto trading and straight up yahooism. No dey whine me, dear. 

5. “Tanke, sir” 

If you have a car in Ilorin and you’ve driven inside the University, you’ve definitely heard someone say this, trying to hitch a ride out of school. 

6. Bike men calling you “ashawo” when you fight them for trying to end your life with their reckless driving

Because they can’t imagine you want to be safe without being a sex worker. Kmt. 

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7. Buying a hijab even though you’re not a muslim 

After all the staring, you just might eventually buy a hijab. When you wear the hijab, you get less questions and less staring. Also, it can be pretty cool underneath the hijab despite what you might imagine. 

8. Married men propositioning them to be a second or third wife

Ilorin married men are some of the most honest men you’ll meet. They’ll straight up tell you they’re married but they want you to be their second or third wife. 

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