Painful period cramps are the worst thing ever. It’s like being singled out to be consistently punished and tortured for an offense you don’t even know about. And you keep filing complaints but HR doesn’t want to hear your side of the story. It’s the real ghetto mehn. Here’s a 9 things women who have painful period cramps can easily relate with.

1. You when your period is about to come. 

You’re grateful you’re not pregnant but you are scared of the pain that is sure to accompany this fact.

2. You when you see a man say they know what period pain feels like. 

Don’t angry me plix.

3. You try all the tips and advice the blogs give but the pain remains unbothered.

You gulp down a huge cup of warm water like they said, you force yourself to take a walk like they recommended. But the pain still comes through with full force every month.

4. You counting down to menopause like…

zikoko - Painful Period Cramps

Because menopause is now the only safe space you can exist in.

5. Your drug cabinet filled with painkillers pills.

zikoko - Painful Period Cramps

Felvin, ibruprofen, paracetamol, panadol et all. You name it, you got it.

7. You to mother nature;

zikoko - Painful Period Cramps

What did I do to deserve this? I want to file a complaint please, I think I am doing time for a crime I did not commit. Check your records, please. You are punishing the wrong person.

8. When someone comes to misyarn to your hearing when you’re on your period. 

zikoko - Painful Period Cramps

Don’t angry me please. I’m out here experiencing the valley of the shadow of death, the least you could do is have some sense and use it.

9. You when your period finally comes to an end.

Praise be to God. Let us go and kabash against next month.

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