Whether you have relaxed hair or not, the question of how to wear your hair is almost always there. This question is what Eniola answers with her hair series, on Instagram.

Here are a few ways to style your natural hair according to style queen, Eniola Hu.

Eniola hu
source: @eniolahu (Instagram)

1. In good ol’ cornrows 

You can never go wrong with cornrows. They always work. According to my mummy, it brings out your face. 

Eniola Hu in cornrows
source: @eniolahu (Instagram)

2. Afin Oba (King/Ruler’s Palace)

In the centre, we have the ruler and the rows facing down are the subjects. The style is also called “basket” in some states and it’s a hit. Just look how glorious she looks. 

Eniola Hu in cornrows
source: @eniolahu (Instagram)

3. Thread 

Yes, my dear, thread. This is 2021. We are smashing colonial norms. Who told you thread can’t be stylish? Think again. The beauty of thread is that you can style it any way you want and lowkey, we’ve been doing a version of thread — you know those Brazilian wool hairstyles that reigned in 2018? You’re welcome.

Eniola Hu in thread
source: @eniolahu (Instagram)

4. Morinmo 

This hairstyle is a variation of thread. In Yoruba, the word Morinmo is a sexual act lmao. Maybe that’s why it looks so gorgeous. Who knows? All I know is that I definitely want to try it. 

Eniola Hu in Morinmo
source: @eniolahu (Instagram)

5. In a bun

There is bun and there is bun. You can do anyone you like and they all look good. 

Eniola Hu in a bun
source: @eniolahu (Instagram)

6. Fly the hair 

This one is always a hit. Whether it’s relaxed hair or not, black hair is always a beauty to behold. 

Eniola Hu with full red hair
source: @eniolahu (Instagram)

Don’t forget to tag us and @eniolahu when you try these hairstyles. 

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