Masturbation is the act of pleasuring yourself by stimulating your private parts. Like everything in life, masturbation should not be done excessively or done to a point of addiction. 

There are a few advantages of masturbating, especially for women and here are a few of them.

1. It helps reduce anxiety. 

Orgasms are a good way to reduce anxiety and that’s due to the oxytocin hormones released when you cum. It is also proven that orgasms help balance your blood pressure. Masturbating can help you reach orgasm faster than any man you know. Many men don’t even know where your clitoris is.

2. Helps you sleep a lot better.

Oxytocin and vasopressin are hormones released when you reach orgasms and they are both associated with sleep. You get to sleep a lot better when you masturbate. The issues bothering your life won’t follow you into your dream when your sleep is orgasm induced.

3. It helps you learn your pleasure point.

No one is a better teacher than you are to your body. Masturbating helps you know how you like to be touched and where you want to be touched. It also makes you love your body a lot more when you know how to satisfy her.

4.  Gives you the best post-nut clarity.

Post nut clarity is a moment of sudden realization and some of that realization might include leaving the person who keeps leaving your messages on read. It’s a good way to realign your energy. The more intense the orgasm the more intense the clarity.

5. It helps you enjoy sex more.

Masturbating improves your sex life because you get to communicate the tips you learnt while pleasuring yourself to your sexual partner and you know where and how you want to be pleased.

6. Your fingers and sex toys won’t disappoint you.

Human beings can’t be trusted to help you achieve orgasm as much as your fingers or sex toys can. You are also not at the risk of being stood up by a person when all you need is yourself and a safe space. 


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