You know that annoying statement, “it’s a man’s world”. It irks me to no end, but when you read this list, you would agree that these five things that women use were not made with them in mind.

angry black woman

1. Kitchens 

If you were on Twitter in the first week of April, there was a conversation about how kitchens are poorly designed because women are more often not a part of the process. This is insane because thanks to the patriarchy, women are almost not always a part of the process of building the structure even though they spend more time in the kitchen.  Make it make sense. 

2. Seat belts

The first seat belts were created in the mid 19th century by George Cayley for a glider. Sometime in the 1950s, after Dr Hunter Shelden noticed a rising number of head injuries from automobile accidents, he proposed the idea of a retractable seat belt — the one you know. In 1966, the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act requiring all automobiles to comply with certain safety standards was passed in the United States. This made it compulsory for all cars to have seatbelts. 

However, when they were being tested for the general public, automakers used 95% male and 5% female for the crash tests. Long story short, this means that women are 47% more likely to be seriously injured in a car crash

. The world – 10, women – 0. 

3. Working hours

Even though women have always worked to cater for themselves and their families, they weren’t always paid for their efforts. To this day, the gender pay gap is still a thing. Despite the insufficient remuneration, women often have to work through intense period cramps, pregnancy and sometimes miscarriage. If that’s not an oversight, tell me what is. 

4. Mammograms 

If you’ve ever gotten a mammogram, you’d know how weird it feels to have breasts two cold plates trying to flatten your boobs. There is no way a woman made that. 

5. Nigerian legislation

Nigerian legislation wasn’t even made with the average Nigerian in mind, talk less of women. From women not being able to give their spouse citizenship to laws that permit marital rape. Do we ever catch a break? 

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