“Why are you single” seems to be the new million dollar question for busy bodies and lifestyle detectives in Nigeria. Because silly questions deserve equally silly answers we’ve coined 5 bomb responses you can easily reach for the next time anybody asks you.

Why are you single? – Because nobody is worthy.

Yasssss, there’s a geng named “too fab for commitment” and I hold chair lady position so go figure.

Jesus is the only man for me.

Jesus is the only man I need. And I hope you know he sacrificed his life for me so our bond is pretty tight.

I am actually waiting in line for your boo. So let me know when it’s over.

This is for the people in relationships who keep badgering you about your single status. This response will put an end to their badgering and most likely your friendship with them too. Which would probably be a good deal.

Oops, nobody told me it was against the law to be single.

People be acting like staying single is a known way to break the law. Well i’m single so sue me.

Why are you so obsessed with me? Don’t you have a life to live? What’s the obsession with mine about?

For the nosy people who have a trouble with minding their own business.

My soulmate is still stuck in traffic somewhere in the world. I was even planning on borrowing yours while i wait.

I actually ordered for a boyfriend but the package is still in quarantine. Which store did you get yours from?

Since silly questions are now the order of the day.

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