Igbo babes are some of the most beautiful people in the world — inside out. Here’s a list of undebatable things about Igbo babes. 

1. The beauty is out of this world

Look at Erica Nlewedim or Genevieve Nnaji. They are so beautiful it’s unreal. 

2. Nobody likes money like an Igbo babe

Everybody knows how much Igbo babes love money. Whether they are making it or it’s free money, the love is always there. 

3. Nobody makes money like an Igbo babe 

Their work rate >>>>> Igbo babes will sell anything sellable. If you want it, they sell it or at least know someone who does. 

4. Their wickedness knows no bounds 

Once you get on an Igbo babe’s bad side, it’s hard to come back. My good sister will show you pepper – Ose Nsukka type. Don’t play with fire. 

5. They also know how to take care of a person 

But if you are on an Igbo babe’s good side, she will take care of you like her own baby. From the sweet names to their amazing cooking skills, they will serenade you into giving up all your money and you will love it. 

6. Their cooking na die 

First of all, some of the best Nigerian soups come from Igboland. If an Igbo babe makes you Ofe Nsala, forget about it, you belong to them now. 

7. Their hair grows like grass 

Igbo babes and hair are 5 and 6. Hair not only grows on their head but also on their chest, chin and back and you know what, we love it. 

8. Igbo babes love themselves 

Igbo babes love themselves so much. They are always willing to help their sisters out. It’s the cutest thing. 

9. Their accent sounds like music 

Forget about the haters and really listen to an Igbo babe with an accent when she talks. It sounds like music, especially when she’s switching from Igbo to pidgin to English. Oh gosh. 

10. They don’t tolerate nonsense 

Don’t even bother trying to outplay them because when they catch you, you will see shege. Refer to number 4. 

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