Everyone needs a friend they can count on but what if you can count on ten? 

Here’s a list of ten friends every woman should have in her life: 

black friends

1. The Jesus baby 

Everyone needs a friend that can pray for them. but we also need variety in our lives and this is why we have other friends. 

2. The bestie that will go everywhere with you. 

As a woman, you need a witness in your life — someone that will be there for you through it all —  someone you don’t have to tell what happened because they were there when it happened. 

3. The younger friend

You can’t know it all. This is why you need younger friends — they always have something new to share. This is how you make sure you are always popping. The Gen Z friend that’s not afraid to say it as it is. 

4. The older one 

The older friend always has gist that you can’t begin to fathom. Asides from the thrill it brings, you are learning how to navigate life better. What have their eyes not seen? Nothing!

5. The rich one

Everybody needs a rich friend. How else will you get random nice things you didn’t buy with your money? Also, rich friends do heartbreak

care better. 

6. The one that can fight

So that when people move mad, you and your friend can move madder. 

7. The laid back one 

Not every time going out, sometimes indoors chilling with your best friend. Your couch potato friend brings balance to your life.

8. The good listener

There are friends that are specifically good for listening to you. Not advice, just sit and listen. Everyone needs that. 

9. The one that gives good advice

We all need a voice of reason. 

 10. The Owambe friend

Friends that will party all night with you and do the walk of shame with you the next day are real ones. 

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