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You’ve probably wanted to get  some items you see on international stores, but the CBN ban on naira debit cards has significantly limited you. Well, not anymore! Providus Bank lets you use their regular naira cards for dollar payments on sites like Apple Music, AliExpress, Amazon, Amazon Prime, and more, up to $3,000 each month. This saves you the stress of  getting a domiciliary account, or the problems, fees, and risks associated with virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. 

You can get the Providus naira card in a day and even open your account fully online. Here’s a guide to getting your naira card for dollar payments in 2024:

Opening a Providus Bank account to qualify for a Naira Card for Dollar Payments

Providus Bank makes opening an account simple. You will need at least a ₦100,000 deposit to get a Classic Naira Mastercard right away. This Providus Bank naira card type is perfect for occasional online shopping and dollar payments, with a $1,200 monthly limit for your naira card dollar payments.

Make dollar payments with Providus Bank naira cards 2024

We got the classic naira card & made a purchase on 

Aliexpress. It was Smooth!

Another option is the Platinum naira card. This is suited  for people who have a more robust international spending or payment intentions. Your opening balance to qualify for this card is a ₦250,000 deposit which will be on hold for 3 months. But you immediately get the Platinum Naira Mastercard and can start shopping with any other money you deposit into the account. This card lets you shop more with a $3,000 monthly limit for your naira card dollar payments. 

Providus Bank Classic or Platinum Naira Card for dollar payments?

As earlier mentioned, Providus Bank offers two naira card options for your naira card dollar payments:

  • Classic Naira Mastercard: This card is a perfect fit for casual online shoppers, with a $1,200 monthly limit for those occasional dollar purchases or payments made with your naira card. This issuance of this card costs ₦1000 only.
  • Platinum Naira Mastercard: This card is ideal for people who undertake constant or higher international shopping or payments. With a $3,000 monthly limit, it eases your dollar transactions using naira cards for payments. As earlier stated, this card requires a slightly higher initial cost.

Once your Providus Bank account is open, applying for your desired card for naira card dollar payments is easy. Call Providus Bank at 070077684387, send a WhatsApp message to 09153933333, reach out on social media, or email You can also visit a branch to get your card on the spot and start making naira card dollar payments.

Note on exchange rates when using Providus naira card for naira card dollar payments

Using your Providus Bank naira card for dollar transactions is easy, but it’s important you know that their exchange rate is based on the black market rates. According to a check by TechCabal, Providus Bank’s exchange rate could be a bit higher than the viral rate on parallel market platforms per time. You can contact Providus Bank customer service (mentioned above) the dollar rate for each day you want to use your naira card for dollar payments or transactions.

Final take 

Providus Bank naira cards make international payments and shopping a walk in the park.  Simply choose the card that fits your spend threshold. 



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