Accept that there are no boundaries

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If you haven’t conditioned your mind to accept this, you should just go ahead and live on your own. Damn the financial consequences. You see, that space you’re in and everything in it belongs to everyone. Your expensive perfume, favourite shoes, and other stuff are for everyone’s use. Accept that and be free. You can try to have the “let-my-stuff-be-my-stuff” talk to fulfil all righteousness, but chances are that it won’t change anything.

Be impervious to noise

Before you go down the roommate route, make sure that nothing has the power to break your will or your concentration. Nothing! How else would you manage to sleep at 2 A.M when your roommate’s terrible music is on full blast?

Be prepared for standoffs

Ha, this one. Before you can agree on whose turn it is to take the trash out or clean the bathroom or any other house chore, you will have to square up to each other. Only after that can you reach a compromise. It’s nothing serious; It’s just one of those universal laws that cannot be changed.

Get your restraint up to a solid 100

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If you know your irritation wells up quickly, you have no business with having a roommate. Actually, scrap that; you can hardly control that. What you can control is how you manage every complication. There will be a lot of times when your patience will be tested, and for the sake of everyone, you need to reel everything in. Nobody needs to get a black eye or a busted lip.

Acknowledge that food will always run out

If you get along well and get to the level where you cook your meals together, ensure that you eat to your fill before you leave the house. Don’t go out and expect that you will come home to some leftovers. It will end in tears, beloved.

Know that you will always have visitors at inconvenient times

Nothing makes you more disillusioned with the idea of roommates than when you have to leave the house for them because their partner or some other lousy visitor has come to visit. But that’s exactly what you need to do. Privacy, right? If you can’t do that, get your own freaking room.


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